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Amazon Vendor Academy

Become a certified Amazon Account Manager Through our Series of Workshops


Flexible timing, can be help in two different time zones.

Exact dates will be determined later.


Slides and presentation available in English and German.

The factor-a Vendor Academy offers you comprehensive operational knowledge, a platform for the exchange of experience and continuous hands-on training in the areas of product data/content, Amazon advertising, vendor account handling and reporting and analytics. The curriculum of this factor-a certificate course builds a profound knowledge base over a series of several sessions through a combination of expert lectures and individual training units on various Amazon-related topics.

Your advantages

  • Gain a competitive edge through comprehensive practical knowledge
  • Exchange with experts and industry insiders on an individual basis
  • Achieve your goals and better control and build a negotiation foundation with Amazon
  • Build a permanent network even after the end of the course
  • Receive comprehensive documentation and training material on all operational Amazon Vendor topics
  • Benefit from the 20 participant maximum per course and earn a Vendor Academy certificate for successful participation
  • Special consulting and software conditions for certificate holders



Amazon as a Cosmos

Content Optimisation as Foundation

Search Advertising as Permanent Growth Lever

KPIs and Reportings

Amazon Academy Vendor learnings


Basic – Pre-read materials on all topics

Advanced – Live session with more in-depth explanation of each topic

Expert – Live session, hands-on with many practical examples


You must advance from one pre-requisite course in order to move on to the next.

Our experts

Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner

Principal Amazon Retail

Connect with Alexander

Sebastian Gilles

Principal Strategy Consulting

Connect with Sebastian


Lara Müller

Head of Editorial

Connect with Lara

Katharina Lurz, Team Lead Brand Content

Katharina Lurz

Team Lead Brand Content

Connect with Katharina

Alice Gossrau

Head of Key Account

Connect with Alice

Amir Samari

Head of Consulting

Connect with Amir

Timo-Kosak, Head of Amazon Advertising

Timo Kosak

Head of Amazon Advertising

Connect with Timo

Kimberly Maggard

Kimberly Maggard

Team Lead Programmatic Advertising

Connect with Kimberly

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Nils Zündorf

Nils Zündorf has over ten years of experience as an e-commerce consultant and specialist in the development and scaling of paid advertising measures.

Nils Zündorf
Managing Director
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