Amazon Sponsored Ads Whitepaper


Strategies and recommended actions for vendors

Amazon has become the marketplace for everything. Your customers are aware of that and are increasingly searching on Amazon than on Google in case of a purchase intention. Luckily, the platform Amazon offers comprehensive advertising activities like Sponsored Ads. But how do you use them to sell successfully on Amazon?

Learn more in this whitepaper:

  • Why Sponsored Ads, formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), is the new and improved Google Ads
  • How you as a manufacturer can secure the key competitive advantage.
  • Strategies and Guidance derived from practical experience for your maximum success on Amazon as vendor


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Where does the online product search start compared between 2015 and 2016: Amazon dominates the search entry with 55% – Source: BloomReach Studie, 2016

Read more about Amazon Marketing Services or get instructions for creating AMS ads</strong here.

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Download of the Whitepaper “GO STRAIGHT PAST GO: MONOPOLY 2.0”