Amazon Demand Side Platform Whitepaper (DSP)

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP): Reach With Precision

Strategies and recommendations for Vendors

The Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP), formerly known as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), offers advertisers in the display and programmatic environment a combination of maximum reach and Amazon’s extensive database regarding buying interests and buying behaviour. No one else – neither Google nor Facebook – has more precise information on the purchase decision process than Amazon. This database allows the advertiser extremely precise targeting. But how do you make use of the DSP?

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Why the Amazon Demand Side Platform holds great potential for you as an Amazon Vendor
  • Which targeting and outsorting options DSP enables and how to use DSP campaigns strategically
  • Clever practical tricks for your maximum success on Amazon as a Vendor


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If programmatic marketing is seen in many areas merely as a means of increasing brand awareness, DSP display and retargeting campaigns can be used to achieve a precisely measurable effect on a manufacturer’s or brand’s sales. This makes Amazon and DSP particularly attractive in the current discussion about the effectiveness of online media measures and offers a serious alternative to the status quo in programmatic advertising.

Through DSP, marketing and sales merge and the most relevant key figures at the bottom of the funnel comes to the forefront: sales. Especially in combination with the possibilities of Sponsored Ads, the entire purchase decision process is covered and a campaign mix with maximum efficiency and directly measurable monetary output is created for manufacturers and brands.

In the DSP Whitepaper, factor-a shows you how to successfully design a campaign setup.


Chapter 1: Media and display marketing at Amazon

From Accessory to Focus

At Amazon, the advertising business is by far one of the fastest growing areas – and not only since yesterday. However, the online giant was for many years more of a lucrative supplement than an established priority, which only took place in his own cosmos and rather as a side offer. That has now changed. Henceforth, the advertising business is clearly a central focus for Amazon. Especially with the launch of the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP), the online giant has thrown its competitors (i.e. Google and Facebook), who are largely dependent on advertising revenues, out of action. This is good news for advertisers because the new platform allows them to independently create display and multimedia campaigns that can be displayed simultaneously on Amazon’s own website as well as in all relevant display networks. Compared to the existing Sponsored Ads, DSP offers a much broader and more diverse reach.

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