Individual data analyses for vendors

Gain a complete overview of the performance of your brand or individual products in your product category in a competitive comparison.


The factor-a Visibility Index

Your free competitor analysis as a vendor on Amazon. Compare your brand and individual products with those of your competitors.

Market research for vendors

Upon request, we generate individual Amazon market and price analyses for more informed strategic management decisions.

ARA Premium Analyses

With our help, generate the maximum output with the data Amazon provides and secure a competitive advantage.


The factor-a Visibility Index

The factor-a Visibility Index allows you to compare the competitiveness of your brand or individual products in your assortment with any other brand or product, thus creating transparency about your performance and potential on Amazon. The quote is free of charge. Register now!

Free Competitive Comparison

Enter your brand or product (ASIN) and compare it with any other brand or your competitors' products on Amazon.

Market research for manufacturers and brands

Make strategic decisions in e-commerce on a solid data foundation. Understand your market environment and obtain data on sales, sales volume, price development and market share. Learn more about the behaviour of your brand's retailers and individual products in your product range. Keep an eye on your competitors and identify key market trends at an early stage.

Sales, Market Share and Price Analyses

Let individual evaluations of sales, turnover, market shares or price developments, etc. of your competitors be the basis for your strategic decisions.

ARA Premium Analyses

Amazon Retail Analytics Premium, called ARA Premium, provides deep insight into Amazon's world of figures. factor-a processes ARA Premium data from your account according to your individual needs. Gain the maximum overview of your vendor performance based on this data, draw the right conclusions and discover hidden sales potential.

Individual ARA Premium Evaluation

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium provides access to Amazon's data store. Only with the correct handling of this data can you exploit its full potential.


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