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Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers various advertising options.

With our knowledge, we can help you stand out from the competitors and significantly increase your overall sales. The use of professional Amazon Advertising, including Sponsored Advertising (SA) and Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) will boost your sales, increase your brand presence and protect your brand identity. We have the experience and expertise to help you create the ideal advertising and marketing strategy for your business.

> 10 Average ROAS

> 25,000 Campaigns

> 20 Advertising experts

factor-a Workshop

We optimize your campaigns on Amazon

Sponsored Advertising

The targeted use of Sponsored Ads (SA) offers you a considerable competitive advantage. We analyze your status quo in the brand arena and align campaigns to your individual goals. In this way we increase the traffic to your brand and product detail pages and increase your sales.

Demand Side Platform

The Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables individual and revenue-based control of marketing campaigns with regard to target group interests – even outside of Amazon. We create customized DSP campaigns for your Amazon business. This enables you to reach your customers on Amazon-owned websites and apps as well as websites of leading media companies.

Retail Marketing

Sales-promoting measures such as quick offers, coupons or discounts are particularly strong conversion drivers. They are a powerful means to improve the visibility of the portfolio, especially during Amazon events. We know the best use cases for these conversion-promoting elements and know exactly what counts.

Launch of a Product Line with Sponsored Ads support


The effect of a professional Sponsored Ads campaign: an increase in sales (Sponsored Ads and organic), ACoS optimization.

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Jakob Kruhoeffer, Dept, Business Development Director

Jakob Kruhöffer
Business Development Director
+44 203 514 029 7