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2020 Industry Report: Kitchen products on Amazon

What are the current trends in the Kitchen industry on Amazon?

The online giant is working hard to become the marketplace with the largest range of home & living products. The category Kitchen, Household and Living was one of Amazon’s strongest sales drivers in the first half of the year, with sales of EUR 2.09 billion in Germany.

Anyone who wants to successfully exploit Amazon’s market power needs an individual strategy. It should be based on a sound market analysis. However, Amazon is a black box in many areas. For e-commerce decision-makers, it is a great challenge to obtain meaningful data on their product category. Tech agencies like factor-a, which specialize in Amazon market analyses, solve this problem.

This report illuminates a part of the category kitchen. The segments pot sets and steak knives are analysed. It shows examples of what our data and consulting product Sprint Zero makes possible.

A sneak peak from the Pots Market


Units sold


Most relevant package size


129.42 €

Average price

1,454,500 €

Market size in revenue

… and much more inside

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Director for the UK
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“Manufacturers must sell successfully on Amazon today in order to have a chance of operating successfully in the e-commerce market tomorrow. With its headquarters in the heart of Europe, factor-a is the service provider with the most advanced strategies and concepts because it entered the market at an early stage and looks after the most important major brands in their extended fields.”

Alexander Graf
Alexander Graf
E-Commerce expert -

“As a rule, Amazon is the most important source of revenue for manufacturers in the B2C environment in e-commerce. factor-a is a premium service provider that understands the requirements of brands, operates on a performance-driven basis and generates significantly higher revenues on Amazon. A decisive success factor for manufacturers is the high quality factor-a achieves due to its technological orientation in all services worldwide.”

Markus Fost
Markus Fost
Managing Partner - FOSTEC & Company GmbH

“Brands don’t only sell on Amazon: they are created on Amazon. Amazon is the central component in the customer’s journey. Premium brands would do well to make active use of the opportunities offered here. factor-a supports you in the selection, set-up and continuous optimisation of marketing measures to position brands on Amazon for long-term success.”

Adrian Hotz
Inhaber - Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

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