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Retail Reports & Analytics

KPI live tracking

Bundling and tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your sales and marketing as well as those of your competitors allows you to review your business’s Amazon activities and receive meaningful data whenever necessary.

Sales process

Keep an eye on sell-in and sell-out data records, inventory and returns

Traffic information

View the daily conversion rate as well as glance views for each individual product

Sales Navigator

Identify the problems and optimization possibilities of your assortment as they arise. The Sales Navigator recognizes when your product is out-of-stock, when an incorrect replenishment code has been entered, the number of remaining Purchase Orders as well as what products have a high reurn rate.

ASIN individual view

Automated detection of problems and optimization potential

High level of detail

Automated in-depth analysis for cause recognition and recommended action

Individual view

Filters allow a view of the focused products

Buy Box Analysis

Always know your inventory and product prices and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.


Monitor the third parties that occupy the Buy Box

Root cause analysis

Identify and analyze root causes for Buy Box loss and how to address and prevent these issues

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Roberto Russo ist Managing Director bei factor-a (Quelle: factor-a)

Roberto Russo
Managing Director
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