Factor-a suite

More efficient processes, transparency, precise monitoring, permanent reporting and more revenue through proprietary technology.

Our intelligent software factor-a suite gives you a complete overview of your processes and KPIs on Amazon. As an Amazon vendor, the factor-a suite supports you in all operative areas of responsibility: product data and content, Amazon advertising and vendor sales excellence. Bundled with consulting and implementation by your personal liaison, it gives you the decisive competitive advantage.


Product Data Management

Manage your product data for Amazon centrally and define the basic data for your content monitoring individually. With factor-a suite, you ensure that your product data is always in optimal condition.

Product Line Management

Manage the content of your products on Amazon in one place, store the desired status for content monitoring and track the performance and all your assortment’s relevant KPIs at the individual product level.

Content Quality Assurance

Continuously monitor the quality of your content, be informed about changes in product titles, bullet points, keywords, pictures or A+ content and automatically generate new update sheets for the correction of deviations.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Management

Secure yourself the decisive advantage in the face of growing competition. Monitor and control the performance of your AMS campaigns and increase revenue and profitability through more transparency and faster processing.

AMS Analytics & Reporting

Maintain an overview of your AMS campaigns at all times, analyse the performance of your activities over time, expand profitable campaigns and recognise early on when campaigns need to be optimised or deactivated.

AMS Campaign & Bid Management

Manage the different campaign types, get information about unsuccessful activities, edit large campaign sets quickly and effortlessly and control your keyword sets according to individual performance. Create automated rules for bidding your campaigns. Our rewarded software amabid, which is integrated into the factor-a suite, enables you to efficiently control your AMS campaigns with these functions.

Amazon Vendor Analytics and Reporting

Vendor success on Amazon is only possible with a complete overview of the performance-critical key figures. Get meaningful data when you need it and increase the transparency of your Amazon performance.

Sales Excellence Timeline

Discover where potential is hidden at the level of individual products (e.g. Out of Stock and Lost Buy Box or incorrect replenishment codes) and receive concrete recommendations for action to eliminate individual challenges.

Vendor Analytics und Reporting

Get an overview of all relevant KPIs and identify your top, potential or flop products immediately. Explore potential and negative developments and eliminate growth barriers.


Get an overview of your customers' central operational processes and their reaction on Amazon. Deliver valuable performance indicators and potential to your internal departments such as sales, product management or marketing.

Purchase Order Management

Control your inventory on Amazon at all times. Compare sell-in, sell-out, inventory and merchandise value figures. Keep an eye on both the end customer and supplier perspectives.

Review Management

Get a full overview of your customers' feedback on Amazon, find out when you receive negative reviews and have full control over customer reviews, requests or suggestions for improvement from your target audience.


All KPIs at a Glance

Follow all relevant key figures, exactly when you need them and in such a way that you understand them.

Valuable Insights

Get the exact figures and concrete recommendations for action that are crucial for your success on Amazon.

Greater Transparency

Resolve obscurities and compare your performance and KPIs with those of your direct competitors on Amazon.

Maximum Efficiency

Manage your resources, such as the advertising budget or working hours, in the appropriate channels and make the most of them.

Resource Conservation

Save time and effort on reportings, quality checks or data analyses and focus on the essentials.

Rapid Action

See negative or critical developments immediately and don't waste valuable time troubleshooting.

More Turnover

Be informed when you miss out on sales somewhere and find out at product level where you can realise potentials.

Lower Costs

Reduce your costs through early fault detection and, at the same time, lower operational and personnel costs.


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Executive Director
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