Full transparency, precise monitoring, and individual reporting for reliable sales growth.

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Factor-a suite supports you as an Amazon vendor in all operational areas: product data and content, Amazon advertising, review management and vendor account handling. Together with the advice and implementation of your personal factor-a contact, factor-a suite secures a decisive competitive advantage on Amazon.

Analytics & Reporting

Success as a vendor on Amazon only comes when you review the key metrics that are critical to success. Get meaningful data whenever you need it and increase the transparency of your performance on Amazon – including visits and conversion rates.

The full overview of all operational key figures on Amazon

Bestseller Rank

Record of over 10,000,000 products with rankings from all categories and all historical data

Price History

Record of the marketplace dealer, Amazon profitability values as well as historical evaluation of the buy-box

Sales history

Record of sell-in & sell-out figures, presentation of inventory and customer returns

Sales Navigator

A real-time analysis of all collected product and sales-related data, detects almost all problems and optimization possibilities in the product range. A detailed control system not only recognizes the respective causes but also gives concrete recommendations for action.

Get a structured overview of all to-do’s for more revenue

ASIN single view

Automated problem detection or optimization potential detection

High level of detail

Automated depth analysis for cause detection and recommended action

Individual prioritization

Detection of lost sales as an aid to prioritization

Content Monitoring

A permanent synchronization on Amazon ensures that any unwanted changes in the product presentation are recognized immediately. Corresponding correction files are automatically generated by the system and the status of the change is then monitored for maximum quality assurance.

Ensure the quality of your content on Amazon at all times

Real-Time Monitoring

Detection of all unwanted changes on the product presentation

PIM functionality

Editable database of all product contents with live comparison of the different contents

Simple update

Generation of the finished correction files in the formats specified by Amazon

Review Management

Product reviews, customer questions and answers are thoroughly analyzed and presented at the product level. This allows for a current overview and reviews and questions can be processed and editorially edited.

Know at all times how your customers react to your products

Maximum timeliness

Quick editorial editing of customer reviews and comments

Easy handling

Review search and summary on variants and twisters

Higher performance

Recognition of vines and verified reviews for measurable impact on score

Market Research

The visibility index makes the visibility of all brands and products measurable on Amazon. Thus, comparative analyses of competitors as well as potential analyses are possible. Record and display all relevant data for the 10,000,000 best products on Amazon.

Get transparency about your products and those of your competitors

High data stock

Amazon visibility of 10,000,000 brands and products

Market transparency

Presentation of price history, keyword rankings and best seller rank

High flexibility

Filterable by categories and for vendors as well as marketplace dealers

Get the decisive competitive advantage with factor-a suite

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Get the decisive competitive advantage with factor-a suite

In-depth analytics and reporting functionalities, simple product data and content processing and quality assurance, and the sales navigator with automated success analysis form the basis for transparency and revenue growth as Amazon Vendor.

All operational KPIs in view

Sell-in & sell-out figures over time including inventory at Amazon and customer returns

Intuitive content processing

Editable database of all product contents with live comparison of the different contents

Algorithm-based KPI analysis

Automatic recognition of sales potential with concrete recommendations for action

Führende Amazon Experten empfehlen die factor-a suite

Adrian Hotz

“Marken verkaufen nicht nur über Amazon, sondern Marken werden über Amazon geschaffen. Amazon ist zentraler Bestandteil der Customer Journey. Premiummarken tun gut daran, die Möglichkeiten, die sich hierdurch bieten, aktiv zu nutzen. factor-a unterstützt bei der Auswahl, bei dem Set-Up und bei der kontinuierlichen Optimierung der Marketingmaßnahmen, um Marken nachhaltig erfolgreich auf Amazon zu positionieren.”

Adrian Hotz
Inhaber - Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

Alexander Graf

“Hersteller müssen heute erfolgreich auf Amazon verkaufen, um morgen überhaupt noch eine Chance zu haben im E-Commerce-Markt erfolgreich zu agieren. factor-a ist in Kerneuropa der Dienstleister mit den am weitesten gereiften Strategien und Konzepten, weil sie frühzeitig diesen Markt bearbeitet haben und die wichtigsten großen Marken in ihrem Einzugsgebiet betreuen.”

Alexander Graf
E-Commerce-Experte - kassenzone.de


As part of the factor-a suite, amabid enables rule-based and automated campaign and bid management for the Amazon Sponsored Ads (Ex-AMS), bringing a new level of budget efficiency and output to more accurately achieve your Amazon goals Advertising.

Analytics & Reporting

Individually configurable reports and charts with freely selectable time periods, a tagging system for the organization of campaigns and all values down to the last detail at the campaign, ASIN or keyword level guarantee efficient Sponsored Ads Management

Get transparency about your products and those of your competitors

All relevant KPIs

Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Spend, Sales, ACoS, Ø CPC, Ø CPO, Availability and Buybox Status

Individual reporting

Individually configurable evaluations and diagrams and freely definable analysis and comparison period

Tagging system

With the freely selectable tagging for campaigns, you put together your evaluations as you need them

Campaign management

The bundling of all campaign-related data and the interplay with product & sales data from the remaining areas of factor-a suite creates transparency and enables the efficient management of all sponsored Ads campaigns.

Get transparency about your products and those of your competitors

Individual management

Freely configurable charts and analysis for any viewing and comparison periods

Full information

Processing of all relevant KPIs at the campaign, ASIN or keyword level incl. Vendor Central

Simple grouping

Individual Summary of targeted analytics and reporting campaigns

Bid Automation

The rule-based control of all campaigns allows automated changes to sponsored product and sponsored brand (headline search Ad) campaigns, as well as a summary of all necessary changes to product display Ad campaigns.

Get transparency about your products and those of your competitors

API access

Keyword, ASIN & campaign level changes via API

Vendor Central shortcut

Automatically shut down products that are no longer available or have lost the BuyBox

Reliable overview

Summary of all changes to all campaign types

Rule Editor

The rule editor provides freely configurable rules for all Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign types, allowing detailed and reliable control of Amazon’s advertising activity along your individual advertising goals.

Get transparency about your products and those of your competitors

Full flexibility

Freely configurable rules for all Amazon sponsored Ads campaign types

Maximum rule depth

All existing KPIs can be used as criterion for the rule definition

Sponsored Products and Brands

Changes are automatically applied to sponsored products and sponsored brands

Get to know the full scope of functions of factor-a suite and amabid!

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Amazon Sponsored Ads Management on a new level for maximum output

Use amabid as part of the factor-a suite and switch the Amazon sponsored Ads based on the full data depth incl. A link between Vendor Central data. Define your individual rules and reliably create the maximum performance through automation.

Tagging Campaign

Tagging system for organizing campaigns

Bid Automation

Rule-based Automation for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

Individual control

Individually configurable evaluations and diagrams with freely selectable periods

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