Competing in the A-Team: factor-a launches full-service offer for Amazon

  • eTribes partners launch independent service provider for marketplace management
  • First full-service agency for strategic vendor (and seller) marketing
  • Founder and management team presents the study “Canute and the Amazons”


15 September 2015. How do I make my brands visible on Amazon? How can I optimize my conditions and what is the prerequisite for informed customer reviews? Today factor-a GmbH launches the first German full-service offer for product marketing on Amazon and other trading platforms. The agency is a joint foundation of the e-commerce entrepreneurs and consultants Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost (FOSTEC Ventures). The company originates from the successful company and consulting network eTribes around Alexander Graf and Nils Seebach. The managing director of factor-a is Janne-Flemming Berngruber, 31, who brings dedicated know-how from marketplace management to international customers (including Donkey Products). At the start of the agency he publishes the study “Canute and the Amazons: Why’ Amazon will never do that’ is not a good reason for an Amazon strategy’..

Factor-a Managing Director Janne-Flemming Berngruber: “Amazon is no longer a trader for brand manufacturers, but a highly complex ecosystem in which they have to survive as if they were in their own market”. According to estimates of the industry blog by Adrian Hotz, Amazon already accounts for about half of e-commerce sales in Germany of around 42.8 billion euros (IFH Cologne). The challenge for manufacturers as well as smaller retailers is to strategically understand the mechanisms, instruments, usage scenarios and conditions of Amazon in their growing dynamics and to use them profitably for the marketing of their own products: from negotiation questions to brand development and distribution strategies to analytics, SEO and the internationalization of products.

Hands-on with Amazon: Insights and consulting network

factor-a’s modular bookable offering benefits from a network of experts and information from more than 100 consulting projects, including around 50 workshops focusing on Amazon. The “Canute and the Amazons” study, which is now available, provides a first impression of the task at hand. Why ‘Amazon will never do that’ is not a good reason for an Amazon strategy’. It is part of an open series of studies from the eTribes partner network, which sheds light on the changed paradigm in e-commerce and examines the misjudgements in this field on the basis of the legend of the Danish King Canute. The study published today is available for download under “Why an Amazon strategy makes sense”.

About factor-a:

Founded in August 2015, the full-service agency factor-a offers independent marketplace management for brand manufacturers and retailers on Amazon and other trading platforms. It originates from the successful company and consulting network eTribes around Alexander Graf and Nils Seebach and is a joint foundation of the entrepreneurs and e-commerce experts Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost. The aim was to develop an operational offer for the demand from numerous consulting projects, workshops and seminars around Amazon. Managing Director Janne-Flemming Berngruber combines a network of experts for strategic marketplace management, also from international projects. More at: