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Amazon Poland Launch

Amazon to Launch in Poland

Amazon has announced that it will officially launch in Poland. The retail giant is expected to institute the Amazon.pl site for vendors, sellers and customers shortly, opening up a new world of possibilities for shoppers and local businesses alike. Now, selling partners both in Poland and in other countries can register on https://sell.amazon.pl to prepare for when the site officially goes live.

The US company has supported Polish vendors and sellers for many years, allowing them to sell on a variety of other European marketplaces, but now they will have the opportunity to expand their reach exponentially. The launch of this new marketplace will “bring a full consumer retail offering to Poland,” says vice president of EU expansion at Amazon, Alex Ootes, which includes “low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery.”

Amazon Poland Seller Central, Source: sell.amazon.pl

Amazon has already been quite active in Poland since 2014, making it one of the best-prepared marketplace launches. Even though this new marketplace means a new language and a new currency, Amazon has already been operating nine (soon to be 10 as one in Swiebodzin is being quickly constructed) logistics centers around the country and providing more than 18,000 permanent jobs and counting in Poland.

The company has been processing many European orders from cities throughout Poland, but will now be able to work much more closely to support the Polish businesses, large and small, that are hoping to sell online to customers around the world.

The launch of Amazon.pl will also bring a new level of convenience for Polish shoppers, who have previously only had access to a Polish version of German Amazon to fulfill their online shopping needs, which have risen considerably over the past year through the pandemic.

EU sellers will now find the Polish country option available in their Seller Central account to make products available to Polish customers as soon as the marketplace launches. 

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    My understanding is that it’s a Seller Central only operation theyre opening in Poland and not a Vendor Central operation is that correct?
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