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Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts

Finally, the time has come where social media meets online retail on Amazon with the new Amazon Posts feature. Posts is a new platform for vendors and sellers on Amazon to share their product content via different feeds – much like ones you would find on Instagram or Facebook.- for no cost at all. This opportunity will allow brands to introduce their products and tell their brand stories on Amazon in a way that integrates perfectly into the seamless shopping experience that Amazon shoppers are accustomed to.

Amazon Posts is in the beta testing phase and currently only available for vendors and sellers in the US, but it is important to be aware of as social media is quickly becoming more and more relevant to online retail. Posts is expected to serve as a major influence in brand messaging this holiday season, so it is crucial to get ahead of the curve and understand how posts can serve your Amazon business now.

What is the Amazon Posts Program?

The Posts program is the newest method of brand discovery on Amazon, allowing brands and manufacturers to share “curated lifestyle imagery in a shoppable feed,” according to the retail giant as well as maintaining a consistent brand image across the entire platform. 

Posts delivers your brand content to relevant shoppers as they browse Amazon, appearing on relevant product detail pages and different feeds (including that of your own brand as well as category-based and related-product feeds), from which customers can click directly to your product detail pages.

Amazon Posts
Source: Screenshot Advertising.Amazon.com

Posts allows brands to reach new customers and help existing customers explore your product portfolio in a new way. It offers a new level of brand experience and story sharing and, when used in combination with other Amazon advertising campaigns, it could be the missing link that drives not only brand discovery, but also customer conversion. 

By posting inspiring lifestyle content of your products in-use and showing how your brand can be integrated into everyday life, you can draw customers to your brand and products in an inspiring and creative way previously not available on Amazon.

Where do Posts appear?

There are four places in which posts appear: Product page carousel, Related posts feed, Category-based feed and Brand feed. 

Amazon Posts locations
Source: Screenshot Amazon.com

Product Page Carousel

On a product detail page, Posts appear as a carousel the customer can browse, leading them to a corresponding feed whenever they click on one. When the customer clicks on “show product,” they are redirected to the corresponding product listing.

Related Posts Feed

When a customer clicks on a post within a Product detail carousel it can also bring them to a related posts feed, where they can explore yours and related brands and products.

Category-Based Feed

Amazon assigns categories to different posts as tags. The customer can click on one of the tagged categories to access this feed in which they can browse related products. For example, if a shopper is looking at bike helmets, the “Bike” category feed may offer them posts including brake pads and locks as well. 

Brand Feed

The brand feed is your brand’s unique place to post content related to your products and serves as your space for telling your brand story and engaging customers, both new and old.

Posts have the potential to serve as a very powerful tool for brand discovery because, if you have powerful and engaging content, the chances of it appearing on a competitor’s product page are significant, possibly allowing you to draw new customers from competitors.

Who can and should use the Posts program?

For now, Posts is still in the beta phase but, as it is showing a lot of promise already, it will likely become internationally available very soon. All US sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry and vendors have access to Posts completely for free. Both must sell products on Amazon and have an existing Store page or, DSP customers can use posts when they also have an advertising console account.

As some brands naturally lend themselves better to social media than others, some will reap more benefits, but you won’t know how posts will serve your brand until you try it, and now is the time.

Why use Amazon Posts?

Amazon is offering more and more ways for vendors and sellers to get their brands in front of shoppers, so why not take advantage of all the opportunities available, especially one that is completely free? 

When brands display their products in more natural settings through social media content, shoppers are led to do a lot of their shopping directly from the social feeds. It was only a matter of time before Amazon incorporated the social media format into their platform, allowing customers to easily browse through different feeds and click directly to product detail pages.

Currently, posts appear to shoppers on the Amazon app and on the mobile site. There are many reasons to start using posts, including:

Free Brand Discovery

If the fact that the Posts program is free is not convincing enough to give it a try, allow us to introduce the variety of additional benefits it can bring your brand. Posts is essentially the new social media feed for online retailers to look out for. 

Brands now have the space directly on Amazon to share creative content, demonstrating how their products can fit into the everyday lives of shoppers and sharing inspirational ways to use their products. 

Posts provides four new places in which shoppers can discover your brand and can even be used to introduce existing customers to your Brand Store and parts of your product portfolio that they wouldn’t have otherwise found.

Social media content, all in one place

Have you been searching for an opportunity apart from A+ content, to tell your brand story and demonstrate how your products can be used? Posts allows vendors and sellers to share imagery and highlights of their brand and products through unique content as well as real customer photos. 

Posts will be integrated into your own brand feed and linked to your product detail pages and Brand Store so you can establish a consistent brand story across Amazon and gain customer loyalty. 

Educate and engage consumers

This is the opportunity to tell your customers everything about your brand and products that doesn’t fit into the product description and content alone. Through images and quick, creative posts, as often as you’d like, you can show customers how they can incorporate your products into their life.

Just like on other social media platforms, customers can also follow your brand feed so they never miss a post or update.

Keep track of your performance

Amazon provides metrics including viewable impressions, engagement and engagement rates for Posts so brands can keep track of their Posts content performance in the same manner as with the other Amazon advertising tools.

posts on AMazon
Source: Screenshot Amazon.com

How to use Posts

Getting started with posts is quite simple:

1) Visit posts.amazon.com and sign in with your Seller Central or Advertising Console credentials 

2) Create a posts profile – once you verify your brand name, all you need is to upload a brand logo. Your logo will appear as your posts “profile photo” next to your brand name. Select “Submit & Continue” to start posting

3) Create a post! Much like you would on other social media channels, upload an engaging photo of your product(s) and include a creative caption. You should also include other ASINs in your product line so Amazon can assign relevant category tags 

4) Choose to publish your post immediately or schedule it for later

Amazon Posts may still be only in the beta testing phase, but it is well on its way to becoming an integral part of the e-commerce platform. Reach out to us now to discuss your current Amazon advertising strategy and how we see Posts fitting into your Amazon business.

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