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Amazon’s marketplace launch in the Middle East has finally happened. The trading giant announces that its online presence for the United Arab Emirates (UAE),, has been renamed to The service remains unchanged in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The start of a new AEra

At the beginning of this year, the speculations about Amazon’s marketplace launch in the Middle East became more concrete. With the takeover of the online retailer for 580 million dollars in 2017, the e-commerce giant expanded its empire into the Middle East.

The service continued unchanged via the online platform until now. Recently, the users of the website have been redirected to website redirects to (Source: screenshot


In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the online presence of Souq remains accessible. Both websites are marked as subsidiaries of Amazon. According to press reports, the service will remain unchanged in both countries. Ägypten + Saudi Arabien

Souq’s online presence for Egypt and Saudi Arabia (Source:,

Ronaldo Mouchowar, CEO and co-founder of, made a statement to his customers in the United Arab Emirates. He called the day of the acquisition a proud day for Souq and Amazon that had been worked towards since the merger in 2017.

The combination of the two companies would bring together Souq’s local expertise and Amazon’s global experience. This would be of great benefit to customers in the UAE. Mouchowar announced that with the acquisition the regional team had grown to more than 3600 employees. He promised to further expand the product range, guarantee good prices and provide a convenient and safe shopping experience.

Local and international product portfolio – also via app

Furthermore, the company stated that offers over 30 million products from local and international companies. These included products previously available from Souq and 5 million products from

The company also said that Arabic would be introduced to Amazon for the first time ever, both in the mobile app and on the website.


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