factor-a provides manufacturers and brands with the decisive advantage for more sales on Amazon by combining intelligent software with agency performance.

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Amazon has altered the way we shop, forever. Amazon is the infrastructure of the trade and the first point of contact to the product data for the consumer. If brands and products are not optimally positioned on Amazon, they lose their relevance and, thereby, their market share and revenue. factor-a is a pioneer and leader in the operational consulting of manufacturers and brands on Amazon.

Market leader

E-commerce expertise and the market's greatest wealth of knowledge in supporting leading brands and manufacturers on Amazon

Amazon Full Service

Comprehensive coverage of all operational topics concerning sales on Amazon: product data / content, advertising on Amazon and Vendor Sales Excellence


Individual growth management with the help of the factor-a suite, our vendor software solution for all operational processes on Amazon

Cost efficiency

Maximum in-depth consultation and quality consulting due to in-house technology together with cost-efficient scaling of the optimal implementation across the product portfolio


Implementation for all Amazon-relevant markets (DE, UK, FR, ES, IT, US, JP, etc.) by in-house native speakers


factor-a provides the complete operational spectrum for Amazon vendors: product data management, Amazon advertising and vendor sales excellence. We combine our operational expertise and implementation performance as the leading Amazon vendor agency with the capacity, scalability and efficiency of our own software solution, factor-a suite.

Product Data and Content

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Advertising on Amazon

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Vendor Sales Excellence

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Your brand. Visible. High-Performing.

It is pertinent to have well-staged brands and products on Amazon. Optimally prepared product data is much more effective than pure product presentation. factor-a Premium Content expands the visibility of your brand and products on Amazon and increases the conversion rate, which leads to more sales. Thanks to our tool-based keyword research, you get maximum relevance on Amazon. Our international content team ensures that prospective buyers find exactly the information they need to make a purchase. With Marketplace Optimization (MPO), you can create the optimal foundation and increase your sales on Amazon!

Product Line Management

Maintain the content of your products on Amazon in one place, define the desired state for content monitoring and watch the performance and all relevant KPIs of your product range carefully at the individual product level.

Content Quality Assurance

Monitor the quality of your content continuously, be informed about changes to product detail pages (e.g. titles, bullet points, keywords, images, or A+ content) and automatically create a new update sheet for correcting variations.


More Revenue. Profitable. Scalable.

Amazon offers a variety of marketing measures to help you noticeably increase your commercial success. Amazon Sponsored Ads and the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) are at the forefront. Professional advertising on Amazon is essential for success and palpable sales increases. You need goal-oriented action and the engaged promotion of your brand on Amazon. On the basis of optimised content, experienced specialists will select, implement and optimise the right marketing measures. We can help you ensure the competitive edge and give your sales the decisive boost!


Amazon Sponsored Ads, formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), is the most effective means for a quick and noticeable increase in visibility and sales.


Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP), formerly known as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), allows individual and sales-based control of Amazon Advertising activities.


Promotional measures such as lightning deals, coupons or discounts can generate selective and seasonal sales jumps.

Sponsored Ads Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your Sponsored Ads campaigns at all times, analyse the performance of your activities over time, expand profitable campaigns and identify early on when campaigns need to be optimised or shut down.

Sponsored Ads Campaign Management

Maintain the different types of campaigns, get tips on non-targeted activities, process large campaign sets quickly and easily and control keywords exactly according to your individual performance. Create automated rules for bidding your campaigns. Our rewarded software amabid, which is integrated into the factor-a suite, enables you to efficiently control your Sponsored Ads campaigns with these functions.

Vendor Sales Excellence

Vendor Account Management. Analytics. Reporting.

An overview of the operating key figures, such as the Out of Stock (OOS) or Lost Buy Box (LBB) rates, is decisive for the effectiveness of all other operating measures on Amazon. In addition to optimal content and an effective Amazon marketing strategy, the handling of your vendor central requires constant attention. Whether it is the uploading and monitoring of your product data, the opening and tracking of Amazon support cases, the optimal representation of the product range structure or the maintenance of reviews as well as their answers, the scope of responsibility is diverse. Boost your Amazon performance and increase your brand trust and customer experience!

Sales Excellence Timeline

Learn at the ASIN level where potential is hidden (Out of Stock / Lost Buy Box) or when the incorrect replenishment code was deposited and get concrete action recommendations to eliminate individual challenges.

Vendor Analytics und Reporting

Keep all relevant KPIs in mind and identify your top, potential or flop products immediately. Get to the bottom of negative developments and eliminate growth stagnation.


“As a rule, Amazon is the most important source of revenue for manufacturers in the B2C environment in e-commerce. factor-a is a premium service provider that understands the requirements of brands, operates on a performance-driven basis and generates significantly higher revenues on Amazon. A decisive success factor for manufacturers is the high quality factor-a achieves due to its technological orientation in all services worldwide.”



Markus Fost
Markus Fost
Managing Partner - FOSTEC & Company GmbH

“Brands don’t only sell on Amazon: they are created on Amazon. Amazon is the central component in the customer’s journey. Premium brands would do well to make active use of the opportunities offered here. factor-a supports you in the selection, set-up and continuous optimisation of marketing measures to position brands on Amazon for long-term success.”


Adrian Hotz
Adrian Hotz
Founder of Adrian Holz E-Commerce Consulting

“Manufacturers must sell successfully on Amazon today in order to have a chance of operating successfully in the e-commerce market tomorrow. With its headquarters in the heart of Europe, factor-a is the service provider with the most advanced strategies and concepts because it entered the market at an early stage and looks after the most important major brands in their extended fields.”


Alexander Graf
Alexander Graf
e-commerce expert - kassenzone.de

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